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Employee PC
Monitoring Solution

Activity Monitoring, User Behavior Analytics, Productivity Optimization & Insider Threat Detection in a Single Platform

Cutting-edge technologies for cybersecurity, threat detection and alerting

Manage & Monitor all your employees PC's from a single dashboard

User Activity Monitoring

Monitor and control user activity to ensure compliance with internal sercurity policies and regulatory requirments.

Data Loss Prevention

Identify behavior anomalies and uncover potential threats in real time. Get fully customizable alerts with full audit trail and video recording of all user actions.

User Behavior Analytics

Identify behavior anomalies and uncover potential threats in real time. Get fully customizable alerts with full audit trail and video recording of all user actions.

Compliance & Audit

Ensure ongoing compliance for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI and much more by identifying and alerting user to non-compliant actions with real time alerts.

Employee Monitoring

Monitor employee activity with customizable reports to identify team, department, individual level productivity, social media use, time spent on projects, apps, and more.

Insider Threat Prevention

Automate risk detection and block unwanted employee behavior. Getty Staff uses smart rules & alerts to always keep your organization safe.

Measure Productivity

Gain complete visibility & full control over your employees’ computer activities. Analyze productivity, effectiveness and focus with insightful charts for individuals, teams and the entire organization.

Know the working hours of your Top Ten employees, you can filter the data accordingly, such as location, department, date etc.

Gain insights that help empower your people, increase productivity,
reduce risk, and spark healthy work habits

Time Management

Measure workforce productivity

With Getty Staff productivity dashboards, you can easily see how work gets done so you can increase behaviours that drive business while curbing those that distract.

View working hours, including productive time, by day and week across individuals and teams.

See which applications and websites boost or hinder productivity. 

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Real-Time Insights

Analyze trends with workforce analytics

Get an accurate picture of each employee’s performance and intent. Make informed management decisions and eliminate uncertainty about suspected behaviour.
Discover team workload discrepancies and redistribution opportunities.
Reduce costs with better visibility of application usage.

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Organize into Departments

Time Management

Effectively manage multiple systems and users, via a centralized platform.

Have supervisors and managers only view their teams. Manage employee hierarchy's to match the organization's structure.

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Feature Table

Monitoring & Control
Time Tracking
Internet Usage Monitoring
Application Usage Monitoring
Insights and Reports
Alerts and Notifications
Application Usage Monitoring
IP White-listing
Capture Screenshots
Stealth Mode
Live Desktop Monitoring (Real-time Streaming)
Email Monitoring
File Activity Monitoring
Printed Document Tracking
Remote Desktop
Webcam Snaphots
USB Device Control
DLP Features
Voice Communication Recording
Software As A Service (SaaS) - Hosted by Getty
On Premise Installation (Hardware Extra or BYOD)
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